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Yep. Your $100 deposit will secure your spot in our 2024 season schedule and grant you 20% off your custom competition Bikini, Wellness, Figure, or Women's Physique suit.

This non-refundable deposit will never be lost or disregarded.


Should no order be placed in 2024, but the athlete wishes to begin a new order the following year, deposits will still be applied to her final total (without the discount) as a credit toward her suit.


This discount will neither be combined with any other discounts or offers, nor can it be transferred to another athlete.


For any pending suit orders, neither this discount nor the $100 deposit to earn the discount is applicable toward a pending order.

This sale opportunity is for new Bikini/Wellness/Figure/ Physique suit orders for 2024 only.

$100 for 20%

  • Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and MUST be placed between the above Nov 24 -30 to secure a spot on our calendar for next season.
    These discounts are applicable for 2024 only, so the athlete must both submit her order AND receive her finished suit BEFORE 2025. If the competitor postpones her suit order through 2025, she will lose eligibility for her discount and be responsible for paying the full price of her suit (but the $100 deposit will still be applied to her total invoiced amount).

    Furthermore, if a competitor had placed a Black Friday deposit in 2019 or earlier to receive the same 20% discount toward a custom competition suit for 2023 and has not yet placed an order this year, that discount is now expired, and she will no longer be eligible to receive that 20% discount, but her $100 deposit will still be applied to any future order.

    Once the athlete and Bilbo Sportswear (Norma) have consulted (either in-person or virtually) and finalized all details, price included, the athlete will be required to make a second payment toward her suit order of half of the total remaining balance. In other words, once the athlete's custom suit has been priced and the grand total has been determined (with any accessories, applicable taxes, etc.) and both the 20% suit discount and $100 will have been applied, half of the remaining balance will be due at the time of our consultation. The remaining balance will be due at the athlete’s pick-up appointment or before the final ship date.


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